Thanksgiving Table

On this day of the year, we like to give thanks for things. I was thinking about it this morning while I slaved away in the kitchen, and I came up with a challenge.

Instead of naming off the many traditional things we’re thankful for (such as our family, our jobs, the roof over our heads, etc.), how about we think of something that we dislike and find things about it to be thankful for?

I’m going to start with Texas.

  • I personally am not a fan of the weather here, and a number of other things; however, I am very thankful for my Texas because it is the home of my family. They are a wonderful part of my life, and Texas is a part of that.
  • I am also thankful for okra! I did not know the wonders of this slimy vegetable until I moved to Texas, but it has become very important to me since then.
  • I am also thankful for rattlesnake eggs! I know most of you are thinking, “What? Rattlesnake eggs? What the hell is he talking about?” Well, let me tell you about these wonderful delicacies. First, you take jalapeños and you cut the stems off, then cut the pepper in half. Then you jam each side with cream cheese. Next, you put slices of bacon on top of that and bake the whole mess. Yum. Some folks like to wrap the whole thing in bacon, but that is too much bacon for me. After all, it’s the pepper that makes them so good.

I also really dislike onions. I don’t know if I can do this one. I am grateful for the neat shape of onions. I’m thankful for places that realize that they are not edible and therefore don’t cook with them. That’s about all of the things I’m thankful for about onions.

Aside from finding things I’m thankful for in things I dislike, I am incredibly thankful to the people who have supported and/or read my publication. To that end, in honor of Thanksgiving, I am running another Amazon promotion for a free download of Assassin Marked:

Assassin Marked Book Cover
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An interplanetary crime syndicate.

A debt, long overdue.

An assassin gone rogue.

Love. Revenge. Betrayal.

Although he knows it will mean the end of his relationship with both the Crime Syndicate and his long-time lover, Captain Victoria Maruska, Damian can’t let sleeping dogs lie. After overcoming his captain’s well-intended efforts to hold him back, Damian sets off to exact his revenge on the man who had once left him to die on the barren wastelands of Earth. . . .

Victoria may not know where to look, but she knows she has to find him. Following Damian’s disappearance and the not-so-mysterious murder of one of his superiors, the Syndicate has called Captain Maruska’s loyalty into question. As a result, she has been assigned the unenviable job of leading a task force to hunt him down. . . .

On the outs with his lover and on the run from trained killers, Damian DuFonte is . . .

An Assassin Marked.

Have a good Thanksgiving everyone!

~ Michael C. Sahd

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