Observe the image below! Soon, I intend for my website to feature a dark appearance to match the style of story I enjoy horrifying you with. The dilapidated tabletop covered with horror and dark fantasy themed objects will feature the links to other parts of the webpage.

With my skills in Photoshop, crafting such a website design is simple. However, I would rather create something that feels authentic, more realistic so to speak, so I’m going to hit up the photographer that helped me with the cover to The Unfettered Child, Jarrod Woods. Perhaps he and I can can come up with a photo that would serve this purpose and offer a more interactive and aesthetically pleasing website.

I hope this change will represent the first small step in my efforts to provide content that you will find interesting throughout the coming years, while also reflecting the darker nature of my tales. I will share more in the coming weeks, and update you on the progress of this new design.

What are your thoughts and opinions?

~Michael C. Sahd, author of The Unfettered Child and Assassin Marked

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